My Huffington Post feature

20 April 2018

A few months ago, my friend and acclaimed international psychologist and writer from London, Dr Perpetua Neo, met up during her short stint in Singapore. Like most women, we are both well aware of the importance of taking care of your health and keeping yourself groomed. At the same time, we are both professionals leading very hectic lives so both of us are big on creative time savings and effiency and at the same time, want to cultivate an intelligent approach towards caring for yourself. And that, was how the concept of #BeautyCapital and Intelligent Beauty was born.

At the expense of being labelled as frivolous, superficial and sexist, let's stop here for a moment to think about this: There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of beauty. Beyond vanity and the known psychological benefits of the pursuit of better; it is also a matter of professional survival so let's not be too critical of wanting to look better. Think of it as an enhanced version of yourself, not a different, unrecognisable you.

Our feature in Huff Post

Fast forward to one week ago- we landed on HuffingtonPost (the article is here) for our movement to change the way beauty and self care are viewed and developing an efficient and intelligent approach to caring for yourself. In 2018, its time to change the conversation - let's leverage on beauty as capital and let's be intelligent about our lifestyles.




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